What’s For Breakfast?

*Bagels By The Bag

Each …95 Cents

6 Bagels…5.55

Bakers Dozen …9.95

MINI BAGELS AVAILABLE 8.95 Dozen (ONE DAY Notice Required~ PERFECT for Parties)

Cream Cheese ½ lb. Tub

Plain Reg or Low Fat… 3.25

Scallion… 3.75

Veggie/ Olive/ Garlic Herb

Walnut Raisin…4.00

Nova Lox spread…5.50

Create Your Own Flavor… 4.00

Good Morning Coffee… Fresh Ground & Brewed

Med. (12 oz.) 1.55 Lrg. (16 oz.) 1.75 Huge. (20 oz.) 1.96

Hot Tea, Green & Decaf available, Hot Chocolate Iced Coffee… … 1.96

Bagels Topped With… (We Split & Toast Your Bagel)

Butter or Jelly 1.55 – Butter and Jelly 1.69 – Plain Cream Cheese 2.05
Flavored Cream Cheese 3.05….

Scallion, Veggie, Green Olive, Garlic Herb, Walnut Raisin

Peanut Butter 2.25 – & Jelly 2.50 – Honey Butter 2.50
Nova Lox Cream Cheese 4.29 W/tomato, Onion & Capers Add 2.50
Sliced Nova Lox & Cream Cheese On A Fresh Bagel with…
Tomato, Onion, Capers & Lemon Served Open Face 8.95

#1 Omelets Create Your Own

3 Fluffy Eggs Served W/ Home Fries or Grits & Choice of Buttered Bagel,
English Muffin or Toast. Select Up To 3 Items… 6.75

Ham Sausage Bacon Tomato Onion Spinach Bell Peppers Mushrooms Jalapenos Salsa Cheddar American Provolone Swiss Mozz.
For Egg White Lover Only… Add 1.00

Good Ol’ Favorites

Western Omelet… 7.25 Ham, Bell Peppers, Onion & Cheese.
Mexican Omelet… 7.25 Jalapenos, Onions, Peppers, Salsa, Pepper Jack & Cheddar Cheese.
Veggie Omelet… 7.25 Tom, Onion, Shrooms, Spinach, Peppers & Cheese.
Philly Cheese Steak Omelet… 7.50 Shrooms, Onion, Peppers, Provolone.
Nova Lox Omelet… 8.95 Lox, Onion, Tomato, Provolone & Capers.
Country Omelet… 7.75 Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Onion & Cheese.
Spinach Medley… 7.25 Spinach, Shrooms, Tomato & Feta Cheese.
Kick’n Chicken…8.25 Shredded Seasoned Chicken, Onions, Mushrooms, Pepper jack & cheddar cheeses. Served with a Side of Salsa

#2 Pancake Special… 5.50 (Such A Deal)
2 Eggs, 2 Pancakes or 2 slices of French Toast & Choice of Bacon, Ham or Sausage.

#3 Veggie Omelet Sandwich… 4.50 (As A Wrap 4.95)
Tomato, Onion, Mushroom, Spinach, Peppers & Cheese

#3 Western Omelet Sandwich… 4.50 (As A Wrap 4.95)
Ham, Onion, Bell Peppers & Cheese

#3 Breakfast Sandwiches Croissant Sandwich Add 1.00 Extra Egg Add .75
Egg on a Bagel… 3.05 ~ Egg & Cheese… 3.30 ~ Egg & Bacon, Ham or
Sausage… 4.00 ~ Bacon, Ham or Sausage Egg & Cheese… 4.25
Steak, Egg & Cheese… 4.50 ~ Pork Roll… 4.50

Breakfast Wraps

Breakfast Wrap… 4.50 (In a Plain Tortilla) 2 Eggs, Cheese & Bacon, Ham, Sausage or Steak
New!! Loaded Wrap… 5.25 (In a Plain Tortilla) 2 Eggs, loaded with your
choice of Bacon, Sausage, Ham or Steak, Shredded Cheddar with Home Fries,

#4 Breakfast Special… 3.99 Couple of Good Eggs, Home Fries, Choice of Buttered Bagel, English Muffin or Toast & Small Coffee… Add a side of Bacon, Ham or Sausage 1.25 Plain Cream Cheese 1.00 (Egg Whites or Egg Beaters Add .75)

#5 Pancakes… 4.25 Three Huge Buttermilks W/ Butter & Syrup
Blueberry or Chocolate Chip Pancakes Add 1.25

#6 French Toast… 4.25 3 Slices of Texas Toast with Cinnamon, Powdered Sugar & Syrup. Add Strawberries or bananas with whipped cream 1.25

#7 Two Biscuits n’ Gravy…4.00

#7.5 One biscuit n’ gravy with 2 eggs any style only… 4.50

#8 NEW!! Belgian Waffles… 5.00 One Huge Waffle Topped with Fresh Local Strawberries (When In Season) and W hipped Cream. ( Order Plain 4.00 )

#9 Southern Biscuit n’ Gravy…5.75 Two Eggs any style On top of a Split Biscuit. Covered with Sausage Gravy & Home Fries Topped with Cheddar Cheese.

#10 Corn Beef Hash… 5.75 An American Favorite, A huge pile of Corn Beef Hash topped with 2 eggs any style. Also a Buttered Bagel, English Muffin or Toast.

Junior Bagel Breaker’s (10 & Under)

Junior French Toast… 2.99 1 slice. Dusted with Powdered Sugar Bacon or Sausage.
Logan’s Favorite… 2.99 3 Silver Dollar Pancakes with Sausage or Bacon.
Junior Breakfast Special… 2.99 1 Egg any Style, Bacon or Sausage, Home fries & Toast

Junior Bagel Breaker’s Lunch

Grilled Cheese Sandwich… 2.75 Served with Chips or Pretzels.
Peanut & Jelly Sandwich… 2.50 Served with Chips or Pretzels.
Turkey or Ham Sandwich… 2.75 On White Bread Served with Chips or Pretzels.

Just Stuff on the Side…

Mike’s Loaded Home Fries…2.50 Bacon, Scallions, Cheddar,

Ala Carte Eggs…1.25 Each ~ Pork Roll… 1.50 ~ Side of Bacon, Ham or
Sausage…1.50 ~ Home Made Home Fries…1.50 ~ Corn Beef Hash… 2.75
Side of Cream Cheese/ Plain… 1.00 – Flavored… 1.25 Lox… 2.25 (2oz)
Bowl of Oatmeal… 2.50 ~ Cold Cereal (See 0ur Selection) 1.75
Grits 1.50 ~ Cheese Grits 2.25 ~ Buttered Toast or English Mun 1.50

Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase yor risk of foodborn illnesses, especially if you have certain medical conditions

“All Prices Subject To Change”